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Montserrat & Cellar in Penedès


Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary of Montserrat

Montserrat is a multi-peaked mountain range, 10 km long and 5 km wide. It's one of the icons of Catalonia, with a very characteristic geology and topography. 

The origins of the sanctuary date back to 888, when the hermitage of Santa Maria was founded. In 1025, Abbot Oliba, Earl of Vic and Abbot of Ripoll, founded a monastery next to the hermitage. It soon began recieving pilgrims and visitors, attracted by the virgin's stories and miracles. 

In 1409, the monastery became an independent abbey. Between 1493 and 1835, thanks to a period of great reforms and splendour, it became a first order cultural center. 

The war with France (1811-1812) and disentailment in 1835 led to destruction and abandonment. Not until 1844 was monastic life restored and in 1881, Pope Leo XIII proclaimed the Virgin Mary of Montserrat as Patron Saint of Catalonia.  

Once again, Montserrat was abandoned during the spanish civil war (1936-1939), but fortunately it was safed from being sacked and destroyed. 

One thousand years after its foundation, Montserrat keeps welcoming pilgrims from all around the world.

Llopart wine cellar

In 1835, Bernat Llopart was granted some vineyards located in the the present country state Can Llopart de Subirats. Over the following centuries the Llopart family combined the cultivation of traditional agricultural Mediterranean products: grapevine, wheat and olive. At the end of the XVIII century the Lloparts decided to devote themselves exclusively to wine growing, as many other did in the Penedès region, perhaps the most popular viticultural area in Catalonia. The secular dedication to vine cultivation, elaboration and wine growing reaches its turning point, after intense testings, with the production of the first Sparklilng Wine Llopart bottles at the old country house cellar in 1887. In the early 1950s, Pere Llopart i Vilarós gave his cellars a new drive. He actively contributed in launching the “craft sparkling wine” and consolidated cava Llopart as a high quality product. Llopart means essence and tradition.


Departure by bus at 09.00h in the morning. 

Arrival at Montserrat around 11.00h. Free time to visit the sanctuary. 

At 13.00h, attendance to the Salve and Virolai chants. 

Lunch at one of the sanctuary's restaurants. 

At 15.00h, departure by bus to Els Casots, a village in the Alt Penedès region. Visit and wine tasting at Llopart Cellar. 

Return by bus at 18.00h


Not included